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Addressing IT's biggest printing challenges in healthcare

“How can I secure EMR backend printing to protect medical records containing PHI and yet have ease of integration?”


Software interoperability

“I need to ensure patient information is not released to unauthorized individuals”


patient health information

“How can I get full visibility and control over who can print and copy while also cutting costs?”


Control and visibility with ROI and increased usability


Where PaperCut MF works with Epic

Epic instances, including the Epic Print Services, can be hosted and managed in one of two ways: hosted and managed by the hospital or by Epic/third party integrators.

The good news is, you’re hosting your own print servers, PaperCut MF works out of the box. Even if it's not, don't worry. We have the brand new connector that easily integrates with your Epic print servers to get you up and running with PaperCut MF in no time.

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Better ways to recover printing costs

Secure and Easy Printing

PaperCut’s Secure Print Release feature means printed jobs will not sit uncollected on the printer. Jobs will only print when released by the user who confirms their identity at the printer. Configure this with our “pull-printing”/”push-printing” feature we call Find-Me printing, and users no longer struggle with finding the nearest printer. This feature is a roaming print service that allows print jobs to find users based on their physical location.

Simple Print Queue Management

If you have users that move between locations, for example, branches, offices, or campuses, then Print Deploy can help make your life easier. Users don’t have to set anything up, the location’s printers are dynamically downloaded onto their computers—it just works!

Helping compliance while enabling printing workflows

End-to-end visibility is a foundation for IT security. Why? Because it lets you predict, prevent, detect, and if necessary, contain security issues. PaperCut MF has print visibility as a core feature; it keeps job-by-job audit logs for every print, copy, and scan sent through your printers. PaperCut MF has everything, from watermarking and digital signatures to print logs and reporting.

Here are some folks who’ve already found better ways to print with PaperCut

PaperCut case studies for print management

We run a monthly report on the number of print jobs not released. We can see a saving of between 2,000-3,000 pages a month. On the old system that would cost us money.

PaperCut delivers on what it promises and has been very easy to administer and use.

Having more safety on our printing and documents has also been important.

Ben Jenner-Hurford, Porter Dodson, UK

We have recently deployed PaperCut to raise awareness of both the financial and environmental cost of printing amongst our users, and provide management with information that can be used for accurate recharging and making intelligent decisions about managing printing.

The product has ticked every box we were looking for and then some, and slotted perfectly into our environment.

Superb product backed up by a great support team. Simply brilliant. Other software vendors should take note.

Anthony, UK Wealth Management Ltd, UK

We switched from another software package to PaperCut. The difference has been night and day!

The software is incredibly easy to install. Upgrades install quickly and easily with no hassles.

The cost of the software is very reasonable and it has saved our institution (and in turn the taxpayers) tens of thousands of dollars!

I can easily say it's one of the best programs our institution has ever purchased.

Dale, University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley - USA

This is definitely a marvellous server application, besides being a user friendly one.

Since 2006 it has saved us tons of paper and printer toners.

Would gladly recommend this application to any institution.

Sherwin, King George V School - Hong Kong

We tried everything to recoup printing costs - from an honor system deposit box to quarterly fees built into usage cost. None worked.

Since installing PaperCut, we’ve been able to recover ALL of our printing costs and build more accountability, which has dramatically reduced wasted paper. And the printers don't get abused all the time!

I continue to be shocked at the usability and simplicity of PaperCut.

Matt, University of the Nations - Lausanne, Switzerland

I really don’t know how else we would have reduced the amount of wasteful printing without PaperCut. Being able to pre-allocate the amount of printing also helps us to better manage paper and other supplies.

PaperCut aligns well with our mission of teaching our students about sustainability and respecting our finite resources. Implementing a system like PaperCut has helped to reinforce these ideas with our students.

Layne Hanson, Semester at Sea

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