PaperCut MF's healthcare integrations corner

We've spent the last few years creating key integrations with the help of our healthcare customers. We like to keep security and simplicity at the heart of PaperCut solutions so you can focus on the health of your patients, not your printers.
Improving healthcare print management by:
  • Drastically cutting costs and tightening budgets
  • Protecting patient records with 100% confidence
  • Making printing, scanning or faxing easy 


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Let's get started!

Many of our customers have complex environments and require on-the-ground expertise. Fill out the below form to hear from one of our very own PaperCutters.

Print management for healthcare just got easier

“How can I keep my print environment healthy while also adhering to top security practices?”


Print jobs are tied to authorized users

Secure Print Release ensures a job won’t print until you authorize it at the device, so confidential patient information only releases into the right hands.

“How can I enable my staff to print easier than ever and not slow them down?”

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Easy to install and use – no matter your needs

Since PaperCut takes a cross-platform and vendor-neutral approach, it works in any environment, giving the same experience on every multi-function device for ultimate efficiency.

“How can I get full visibility and control over who can print and copy while also cutting costs?”


Print visibility is a core feature

PaperCut MF keeps job-by-job audit logs for every print, copy, and scan sent through your printers. Digital signatures, watermarking, and audit trails also work to bolster compliance standards you already have in place.



Interoperating with your EMR applications

Where can PaperCut MF easily interoperate with my technology stack?

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PaperCut MF available in Epic's App Orchard

We know managing a wide variety of software systems can be complex and time consuming. So we've worked with Epic to certify PaperCut MF in Epic's App Orchard so your printing solution is integrated into a system that already works for you.

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What about Cerner, Allscripts or the others?

We have hands-on integration experience that spans all of the major EMR/EHR systems. Whether you're talking to a bona fide PaperCutter, or one of our tech savvy Authorized Partners, you'll have access to the timely support you need to make PaperCut work for you.

It just works, no matter who's hosting

Whether you host your own servers or they're managed by a third party, PaperCut MF works "out of the box." The fun part starts when we look at frontend/backend printing or local/queue printing - that's where we come in.


What about faxing?

We know, faxing. With roughly 17 billion individual documents sent via fax machine - this "old" technology isn't going anywhere. So where does PaperCut make this workflow easier?

Send a fax no matter what brand MFD you're using

Most of our healthcare customers are looking to send faxes regardless of their MFD brand and want to connect to their preferred fax provider. So PaperCut partnered with OpenText, GoFax, Retarus and WestFax to integrate with PaperCut MF to make faxing easier.

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An intuitive and easy to use experience

The new scan to fax capability allows users to draw from their personal or shared/global address books. It also provides status updates and gives users peace of mind that their communication went to the intended destination.

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Protect data before, during, and after faxing

The most widely adopted delivery method, SMTP, comes standard with PaperCut MF. But we've taken the extra step to build a richer, faster, more secure fax service via API with multiple fax vendors. And the list of APIs we've partnered to build, continues to expand! 

Here are some folks who’ve already found better ways to print with PaperCut

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PaperCut has allowed us to focus on a more standardized fleet of shared MFPs and drastically reduce the number of devices deployed in each department.

We have also gained tremendous value in improving our security posture when it comes to keeping patient healthcare information accessible to only essential users.

Christopher Peterman, Southeast Health, U.S.A.

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I’m not quite ready to download a trial. Can we chat?

Yes. Yes we can.

In fact, you can chat with a real live PaperCutter right now, depending on the hours you’re keeping. And if LiveChat’s not happening right now, you can always send us an email and wait patiently for a response.

Because you’ll get one. And soon.

And maybe you want to send us an email because we don't have what you need yet and you want to help shape the future of our healthcare product. We would love to hear from you!