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Better Printing for Education

Join the PaperCut team as we examine the main issues schools experience with print management and offer strategies to solve them.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Visibility to your printing environment
  • The time required to manage printing support tickets and implementing flexibility for teachers to print from home as well as at school
  • Finding cost reductions
  • Staying on top of print security
  • The need for safety protocols to keep staff and students safe

Hear from others in the Education industry who have overcome these challenges and then join in with the live Q&A for an opportunity to ask the PaperCut team how to solve any issues you’re facing.

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Solving the biggest printing challenges in education

Third party integrations

Better visibility

Do you currently have visibility of who is printing what? Is it the students or the staff that are printing more? Which department prints the most? Hear how you can gain back control on what’s printed.

Third party integrations

Finding time

“Within 10 minutes all of our Chromebooks had PaperCut working … I didn’t deal with a single Chromebook printing issue all year.” We’ll show you a live demonstration of how easy it really is to install and how we can free up some of your time to focus on more important tasks.


Cost reductions

The monthly bills are an ever-present reminder that printing costs deserve more attention. We’ve got a range of cost saving processes you can implement, you don't even need PaperCut installed for some of these. Join us on July 13 to hear how.

3D and print room management

Printing securely

You’ll learn how to stop sensitive documents getting printed and ending up in the wrong hands. You’ll also discover how PaperCut protects your data before, during, and after printing.

Third party integrations

Keeping students and staff safe

We’re all working in a new normal thanks to COVID-19. Let us show you tools you can implement to keep everyone safe by reducing touch points.


Hear from other IT leads

Plenty of schools and colleges have solved their printing challenges by installing PaperCut. Hear their stories.

Your presenters

Your three PaperCut presenters have spent many years working with IT teams in education. They're joined by IT leads from around the world.

Here are some folks who’ve already found better ways to print with PaperCut

PaperCut case studies for print management

Within 10 minutes all of our Chromebooks had it… I didn’t deal with a single Chromebook printing issue all year.

John Lenhart, Sysadmin, Dallastown Area School District

I’d say that 90% of printer-related issues we had before no longer exist because of PaperCut.

Rob Cover, Assistant Manager of School Technology Operations, York Region District School Board

It's a one-stop-shop for pretty much everything we've needed and its cross-platform capabilities are fantastic.

Ben Saunders, Specialist Technician, McKinnon Secondary College, Victoria

The number of printers has dramatically reduced. We went from several thousand printers to I think right now our fleet is 700, so two-thirds of our printers have been removed.

Robert Causer, Technology Services, Lubbock ISD