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Solving the three biggest IT challenges of 2022

“I need to find cost savings in my IT budget right now”

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Better ways to reduce your costs

Spending too much on printing? Need to claim back the printing costs of your clients or students?

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“I need to ensure my  workplace is safe for my team”

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Better ways to work touchfree

Looking to create a safer environment? It starts with contactless printing. And PaperCut’s got you covered.

“I need to set up printing for our new ways of working”

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Better ways to print more flexibly

Need to change the way you print? Learn about remote and hybrid printing, secure print release, and more

“We all need to find better ways to work”

Chris Dance, PaperCut CEO and co-founder

Chris has been finding better ways to print for more than 20 years.

Here he describes the challenges IT teams and business leaders will face in the coming months, and how becoming more flexible will help overcome them.


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Better ways to reduce your costs

How can a small investment in print management software save you plenty of money in the long term?

Only release print jobs when required

PaperCut’s saved over two billion pages thanks to its clever secure print release technology. That’s a plethora of paper, a ton of toner, and a literal forest of trees saved.

Limit and recover printing costs
Limit and recover printing costs

Create a ‘pay for print’ environment for your school or shared space. Users simply add money to their PaperCut account. Or, add an 
online payment gateway like PayPal.

Apply rules to encourage sustainable printing
Apply rules to encourage sustainable printing

Set rules and routing to help encourage duplex and black and white printing. These five 
printing rule tips will bring a world of improvements to your printing costs.


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Better ways to create a touchfree workplace

Looking to create a safer work environment? Start with contactless printing. Start with PaperCut.

Swipe-card with touchfree document release

Add a card reader to your printing device to safely release print jobs via swipe card or fob. Talk to your PaperCut reseller or Authorized Solution Center.

Mobile Print Release (using QR Codes)
Mobile Print Release
(using QR Codes)

Your users can release their held print jobs by scanning a QR code on the printer using their mobile phone. Learn more about 
mobile print release.

User web interface print release
User web interface print release

a web page on your network that users can access with their PaperCut credentials, and view, delete, and release their own held print jobs.


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Better ways to print in your new ways of working

Need to change the way you print? Learn about contactless printing, remote printing, and more.

Print it at home, pick it up at work
Print it at home, pick it up at work

Want to press print at home, and pick the document up later at work? You can with 
Mobility Print and its clever new feature Cloud Print. With Mobility Print, off-network printing’s a breeze.

Setup and manage print queues remotely
Setup and manage print queues remotely

Sysadmins can setup and update print queues remotely without touching a user's laptop or device. 
Print Deploy ensures the right print queues go to the right people, automatically.

Track your users’ home printing
Track your users’ home printing

PaperCut MF’s Direct Print Monitor feature tracks print jobs sent directly from your user’s computer to the printer, without an intervening print server.


What do I get when I get print management?

To unlock the clever features on this page, you need the all-powerful, all-knowing,
all-cost saving PaperCut MF.



PaperCut MF sits across your printing network and super-powers your printers and multifunction devices.

Your printing environment becomes more easy-to-use, secure, and waste-free. It’s simply a better way to print (and scan and fax and copy).


Here are some folks who’ve already found better ways to print with PaperCut

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We run a monthly report on the number of print jobs not released. We can see a saving of between 2,000-3,000 pages a month. On the old system that would cost us money.

PaperCut delivers on what it promises and has been very easy to administer and use.

Having more safety on our printing and documents has also been important.

Ben Jenner-Hurford, Porter Dodson, UK

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