Effective print management for schools and universities

Cut your costs and reduce paper waste via no-touch printing from any device to any printer.

Your no touch, no waste printing solution

Keep your school printing under control with an eco-friendly, contactless student printing solution for universities and other institutions.

Bring control, cost savings, and clarity to education with a sustainable student printing solution

Unlike traditional print management systems for schools, PaperCut supports sustainable school printing by encouraging duplex and black and white printing. Remote printing provides students at home with an intuitive way to print from any device in any location.


Print anyway, anywhere, anything - with any device!

What can PaperCut do for the education industry? Whether you’re a small school or a large multi-campus university, here’s how PaperCut can help you:

Any BYOD device or printer model

Print with any device or printer model. Use what you have or upgrade everything - PaperCut works perfectly with every brand.

Remote printing

Transition your print management to suit your current remote ways of learning. Solve student and staff Chromebook printing, allowing them to print over the internet from any location.

Track printing at home

Allow users to print by uploading documents through a web browser without the client or print queue installation. Print jobs and metadata are sent via an encrypted peer-to-peer connection.

Eco-friendly, safe printing

Reduce waste and overall costs while contributing to the environment. Contactless printing ensures your students stay safe and secure even during pandemics.


Print more, waste less

An average student wastes around 3,200 sheets of paper annually. Worried about printing costs when kids come back to in-person schooling? Here’s what makes PaperCut the #1 choice for cost-effective school printing management.

Printer access control

Select which printers stay online over school breaks, which can print/copy in color, and more.

Clever print release

PaperCut has saved over 2 billion pages with its smart print release technology. Save costs on papers, toners, and electricity via green printing.

Printer sharing

Reduce inventory and maintenance costs by allowing teachers, students & administration to share printers.


Print on-the-go with a flexible, touchfree school printing solution

Looking to create a safer school environment? Choose contactless printing. Choose PaperCut.

Swipe-card with contactless document release

Add a card reader to your printing device to safely release print jobs via swipe card or fob.

Mobile print release (using QR Codes)

Your students & teachers can release their held print jobs by scanning a QR code on the printer using their mobile phone.

User web interface print release

Create a web page on your network that users can access with their PaperCut credentials, and manage their own held print jobs.

Streamline school printing to maximize budgets and focus more on education

PaperCut makes school-wide printing easy, affordable, and resource-friendly.

  • Manage your users easily, securely, and quickly with either G-Suite or Azure.
  • Oversee and control workflows for specialty printing – everything from 3D to laminating and laser-cutting.
  • Host data and servers on site, in the cloud, or with a mixture of both.
  • Find-Me printing ensures users securely release and collect every print job from any printer.
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