z Sysadmin of the Year Award 2021

Know a spectacular Sysadmin who makes your life easier?

We've CLOSED nominations for the first ever Sysadmin of the Year Award 2021 (Sponsored by PaperCut)!

The winner will be announced during a YouTube ceremony on 30 July.

Our full Terms and conditions can be reviewed here.

PC Rainbow
As a print management company we talk to hundreds of sysadmins a week, and we appreciate firsthand the amazing work they do for countless businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, sysadmins have shown up every day all over the globe, supporting schools and businesses during lockdown. Without them enabling hybrid and remote working, all of life would have ground to a halt.

We thought, what better way to give them a little shout out than an official award!

How do they win? Workplaces will be asked to nominate their sysadmin by filling out the below form.

The nomination process includes providing an example of when your sysadmin exhibited one of the PaperCut values: Caring, Honest, Intelligent, and Nimble. More on our CHIN values below.

*Nominators and Nominees do not need to have purchased or used PaperCut to win. See the terms and conditions for more information.

What kind of spectacular Sysadmin are we looking for you ask?

At PaperCut, we have centered our work and company culture around four values we call
CHIN - Caring, Honest, Intelligent and Nimble.

We're looking for Sysadmins who also reflect the PaperCut CHIN values. To nominate a sysadmin, just provide one example of a time where they were caring, honest, intelligent, or nimble.

adjective: displaying kindness and concern for others; "a caring and invaluable friend"
adjective: free of deceit and untruthfulness; "I haven't been totally honest with you"
adjective: having or showing intelligence, especially of a high level; "Annabelle is intelligent and hardworking"
adjective: quick and light in movement or action; "with a deft motion of her nimble fingers"